Allard Prize

Corruption and human rights violations are serious global issues that erode the foundation of a just society. The Allard Prize for International Integrity is one of the world's largest prizes dedicated to the fight against corruption and the protection of human rights.

The Allard Prize for International Integrity

Launched in 2012, the CAD $100,000 Allard Prize is awarded biennially to an individual, movement, or organization that has demonstrated exceptional courage and leadership in combating corruption or protecting human rights, especially through promoting transparency, accountability, and the Rule of Law.  Nominations are ongoing and open to the public. CLICK HERE to nominate your anti-corruption hero/heroes today. For more information please see our PRIZE CRITERIA.

The Allard Prize Photography Competition

The Allard Prize also administers a semi-annual Photography Competition that recognizes photographic excellence reflecting the ideals of the Allard Prize. Each winning entry receives a CAD $1,000 cash prize and is featured on the Allard Prize website for six months. For more information please see PHOTOGRAPHY COMPETITION